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Are you looking for a new career path that may offer job security and a lucrative income? If so, there are two careers in the trucking industry that may be ideal for you. Whether you want to become a truck driver or diesel mechanic, Lower Columbia College in Longview may have the education you need. The average tuition cost in this area is $4,272 and the average scholarship award is $1,384.

The diesel technology program at Lower Columbia College leads to an Associate's degree. However, the school also has an agreement with Montana State University for students that want to earn a Bachelor's degree.

In Longview, there are approximately 36,000 residents. There are several major highways in this city, including I-20, U.S. Highway 80, and Texas Highway 281. Some of the most prominent truck driving employers in Longview are Daybreak Dispatch, Lone Eagle Trucking, and Joel Olson Trucking.

Trucking Schools in Longview
• Offers Diesel Mechanic Programs
• Small Campus
• Urban Setting
$3,997 Tuition Cost
$1,384 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards
Lower Columbia Transport Operator Program
• Offers Truck Driving Programs