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In just a few weeks, you can start a truck driving career that may take you all over the East Coast and the southern United States. Virginia has quite a range of truck driving opportunities for skilled drivers. R & O Truck Driver Training is the only truck driving school in the city of Duffield, Virginia.

When you attend R & O Truck Driver Training, you can look forward to a comprehensive education experience. After learning about driving laws and driving knowledge in the classroom, you can head out to the road and get dozens of hours of driving experience.

Duffield is situated near many major highways, including U.S. Highway 23 and Clinch River Highway. This is a very small town, as it has under 100 residents. There are many large trucking companies in this area, including Hilton Trucking, Flanary & Sons Trucking, Superior Carriers, Roger Trucking, and Tidewater Transit.

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