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If you're looking for a way to start a truck driving career in Tennessee, there's one school in Shelbyville that you can consider. Tennessee Technology Center at Shelbyville boasts a thorough truck driving program and an average scholarship award of $1,053.

At Tennessee Technology Center, the truck driving program lasts just 7 1/2 weeks. Over this period, you complete 216 hours of training. Your program may cover areas like air brakes system, use of emergency equipment, instruments and cab controls, and industry related paperwork. A lot of your training time may be spent behind the wheel of a straight truck or tractor-trailer.

Several major highways run through Shelbyville, including Tennessee Highway 130 and Tennessee Highway 64. Trucking companies like Titan Transfer, Big G Express, YRC Freight, and York's Trucking utilize these highways. Currently, there are about 20,500 people living in this city. The city is growing faster than most other Tennessee cities.

Trucking Schools in Shelbyville
Tennessee Tech Center - Shelbyville - Shelbyville
• Offers Truck Driving Programs
• Offers Truck Driving Programs
• Small Campus
• Suburban Setting
$1,053 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards