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The Tennessee city of Ripley is home to one school that can offer you a thorough education in truck driving. At Tennessee Technology Center, you can complete a certificate in truck driving to prepare for your commercial driver's license examinations. This school costs $300 per trimester, and you can typically complete your education in three trimesters or less. The average scholarship award is $755.

In the truck driving program at Tennessee College of Applied Technology, you can learn how to safely drive on Tennessee's local roads and highways. You may also get a feel for Tennessee's driving laws.

In the city of Ripley, there are many truck driving companies. Major companies include S. K. Barbee Trucking, Delta Transportation, Woodard Trucking Company, and Broadstreet Trucking. As a truck driver, you may drive on local highways like Tennessee Highway 19 and Tennessee Highway 209. There are about 8,300 people living in this city.

Trucking Schools in Ripley
Tennessee Technology Center - Ripley - Ripley
• Offers Truck Driving Programs
• Offers Truck Driving Programs
• Small Campus
• Suburban Setting
$755 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards