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If you are looking for a new career that doesn't require years of education and training, now may be a great time to get into the trucking industry. The city of Dandridge has one school that offers trucking programs: United Truck Driving School, which is conveniently located on a major area highway.

There are several program options at United Truck Driving School. The longest program is a 186-hour Class A program, which allows you to drive Class B and Class C vehicles. The Class A program lasts 160 hours. You can also earn a Class B license in three weeks of study.

Dandridge is home to a variety of truck driving companies, including Hammer Trucking, First Fleet, Stoughton Trucking, and RDT Transport. They may rely on local highways like Tennessee Highway 139 and Tennessee Highway 411. One benefit of living in this area is the cost of living, which is 16% below the national average.

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