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If you are interested in becoming a truck driver, there is one school in Wexford that can help you get started. This city is home to Pittsburgh Diesel Institute, a school with a large truck driving program.

Before choosing a truck driving program, you should decide which type of driver's license you want to earn. A Class A license can permit you to drive tractor-trailers and straight trucks. This license may require eight weeks of school. A Class B license allows you to drive straight trucks. You may only need two weeks of school to earn this type of license.

Wexford is a rapidly-growing city of about . Pennsylvania Highway 19, Perry Highway, and I-79 are some of the most significant trucking routes in this city. This area has many large truck driving companies, including Vitran Express, Marten Transport, Transport America, WTL Ward Trucking, Boyd Brothers, and J.B. Hunt.

Trucking Schools in Wexford
Pittsburgh Diesel Institute - Wexford
• Offers Truck Driving Programs