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Many people choose to enter the truck driving industry because of the relative job security and the ability to travel. If you want to begin a trucking career in the city of Oakridge, there's one school that you can attend: Mobile Training Services of America.

You will likely need a well-rounded education to succeed in this field, which is what Mobile Training Services of America delivers. You get a good background of truck driving laws and basic information. Once you finish the classroom part of your education, you can learn how to drive on a real tractor-trailer or straight truck.

Oakridge gives truck drivers access to a wide range of trucking companies, including D & N Trucking, TEC Equipment, Con-Way Freight, and Mitchell W. Coltrane Trucking. These and other employers may require a strong knowledge of local roads, like Highway 58 and Highway 242. Oakridge residents enjoy a low cost of living.

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