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Knowing how large and spread out North Dakota is, it should not come as a big surprise that this state has a massive trucking industry. If you live in the centrally-located city of Minot, there is one school you can attend to start a career in this promising field. G's Driving School offers a variety of truck driving classes that can help you start your career.

G's Driving School helps you earn your driver's license fairly quickly. A Class B license only takes about one or two weeks of full-time study, and a Class A license takes about six to eight weeks.

Minot is a fairly large North Dakota city with over 43,700 people. The city boasts a low cost of living. Highways in this area include U.S. Route 2 and North Dakota Highway 23. Major trucking employers include Pony Express Transport, Beeter Trucking, and H & H Trucking.

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