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If you are interested in driving a tractor-trailer or straight truck all around the southwestern United States, have you ever looked into truck driving careers? This field may be a popular choice since you can often get started in a matter of weeks. To get your start in New Mexico, you can attend one truck driving school in the Crownpoint area: Navajo Technical University.

As a two-year institution, this school has quite a range of financial aid options. There are federal options, including the Pell Grant and Work-Study Program. They also have the Navajo National Tribal Scholarship.

Crownpoint is a fairly small city in New Mexico with over 2,200 people. New Mexico Highway 371 and New Mexico Highway 409 are major routes in this area. Some of the biggest trucking employers in the area are RAC Transport, Sunrise Express, New Horizon Transport, and Gallup Moving & Storage.

Trucking Schools in Crownpoint
• Offers Truck Driving Programs
• Small Campus
• Rural Setting
$2,400 Tuition Cost