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With the rapid growth that the trucking industry is experiencing, it should be no surprise that there may be a variety of job opportunities for new truck drivers in Georgia. If you're considering a truck driving career in Clarkesville, there's one school you can consider attending: North Georgia Technical College. On average, tuition costs about $2,308 and students enjoy an average scholarship of $803.

North Georgia Technical College has a wide variety of financial aid opportunities for students. Options include the HOPE Grant, HOPE Scholarship, and the Zell Miller Scholarship. There are also many federal financial aid opportunities for eligible students.

Clarkesville is a relatively small city of just 1,700 people. The area boasts extremely low housing costs. State Highway 197, State Highway 115, and State Highway 17 are major highways in this area. Local trucking companies include Russo Trucking, North Georgia Transport, and Donnelly Trucking and Excavating.

Trucking Schools in Clarkesville
North Georgia Tech Truck Driver Training
• Offers Truck Driving Programs
• Offers Truck Driving Programs
• Small Campus
• Rural Setting
$1,920 Tuition Cost
$803 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards