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16 Students

If it's time to start your education and become a truck driver, Augusta has two schools that can help you start your career! Both of these schools offer truck driving programs. The average cost of tuition in this area is $2,232. Augusta schools boast an average class size of 16 students, giving you the opportunity to work closely with your professors. An average scholarship award of $636 can help whittle down your out-of-pocket expenses.

Depending on which school you choose to attend, you may be able to take advantage of career services. Augusta Technical College has a fully-staffed career services center.

Living in Augusta allows you to enjoy a cost of living that is 17% below the national average. Your job may take you onto Augusta's biggest highways, including Interstate 520 and Highway 25. Major employers in this area include F & W Transportation and Tennant Truck Lines.

Professionals that opt to drive heavy trucks in the Augusta area earn an overall average salary of $41,160 per year, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those that drive light trucks report an average annual salary of $29,450 per year (BLS, 2013).

Trucking Schools in Augusta
• Offers Truck Driving Programs
• Small Campus
• Urban Setting
$1,920 Tuition Cost
$636 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards
Commercial Driver Training - Augusta
• Offers Truck Driving Programs