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The trucking industry has gone through tremendous growth across the entire country, so this may be the ideal time to start a career in this field. If you live in Lake City, there's one school you can attend to get the training you need: Florida Gateway College. Tuition costs an average of $3,070 and students receive an average scholarship award of $1,547.

At , you can quickly and easily complete the training you need to succeed in this field. Programs begin each semester and last for about eight weeks. They encompass classroom and driving hours.

A variety of major highways go through Lake City, making it an important part of Florida's trucking industry. Some of these highways include I-75, I-10, and U.S. Highway 90. Major truck driving companies in Lake City include L.G. Transit, CDT Storage & Trucking, and TNT Transport. The cost of living in this city is .

Trucking Schools in Lake City
(Lake City,
• Offers Truck Driving Programs
• Small Campus
• Rural Setting
$2,369 Tuition Cost
$1,547 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards