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The trucking industry may be the field you've been looking for if you want to start a rewarding new career that only requires a few months of study. In the city of New Castle, there is one school with a truck driving program: New Castle School of Trades. This school awards an impressive average scholarship of $3,974.

To become a truck driver at this school, you can complete a part-time or full-time program. The part-time program lasts almost 17 weeks, while the full-time program lasts 6.5 weeks. You can learn how to drive both straight trucks and tractor-trailers.

New Castle is a mid-sized city of 22,800 people. The cost of living is extremely low. U.S. Route 422, U.S. Route 224, and I-76 are all major highways in this area. Local trucking companies include J. Nesbit Hauling, C.V. Transport, and Kline Transportation.

Trucking Schools in New Castle
(New Castle,
• Offers Truck Driving Programs
• Small Campus
• Rural Setting
$3,974 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards