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Are you excited about starting a career in the trucking industry and putting your mechanical skills to work? In Scranton, you may be able to earn a diesel technology degree and become a diesel mechanic. Johnson College is the one Scranton school that has a diesel technology program. Tuition costs, on average, $16,630. Students enjoy an average scholarship award of $2,263.

There are two diesel technology degree options at Johnson College, allowing you to choose the degree that best suits your interests. The diesel preventative maintenance technology certificate requires 18 months of study. The diesel truck technology program takes two years to complete.

Scranton is a fairly large city in Pennsylvania that's currently home to over 75,800 people. Pennsylvania Route 307 and U.S. Route 11 are two of the primary trucking routes in this city. Important employers in this area include Road Scholar Transport, Estes Express Lines, and New Penn Motor Express.

Trucking Schools in Scranton
• Offers Diesel Mechanic Programs
• Small Campus
• Urban Setting
$15,500 Tuition Cost
$2,263 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards